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    Windows Patch Catalog Download Failures

    Rob Slattery

      I'm having a hard time finding an exact error within Communities and Knowledge Base, most likely because of the nature of the error itself.  Anway, I ran a CUj and the end results state the CUj failed.  However, there is new downloaded content metadata and I can see some of the dates are current on the downloaded metadata - this is sort of good.  What I don't like seeing is the below error.  Is there a way to get rid of this?  We just started receiving these errors.  Do you think there's corruption in the catalog or maybe even the within the database itself?


      Please ignore the patch itself, this is just one of hundreds, it's the error I'm concerned with.  I'll keep looking around to see if I can find a match for the error.


      Error while add/update patch in depot: hotfix : AdbeRdrUpd11009_MUI.msp-APSB14-20-en-ADOBE READER MUI 11.0.4-GOLD, , Error: A depot object of the same type with the name 'AdbeRdrUpd11009_MUI.msp-APSB14-20-en-ADOBE READER MUI 11.0.4-GOLD' already exists in this folder.