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    Windows Roles and Features



      Is there a way to manage Windows Roles and Features using Blade Logic? I can manage applications quite easily by setting up a compliance job based on the installed applications; then remediating with a package made from the software installation file if the application is not installed.


      However, Windows Roles & Features are not listed under Applications - so is there a similar way to manage them?

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          Bill Robinson

          not natively - you'd need to write an extended object wrapper to dump the info.  would be a good 'idea'.  adding the role would be a blpackage w/ some powershell most likely.

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            Powershell can get the Windows feature information by using the command Get-WindowsFeature, however, the output is formatted for the PowerShell console.
            An extended object such as "cmd /c Powershell -command Get-WindowsFeature" would not return anything that was usable by BladeLogic.

            After a bit of experimentation I got this working by piping the results to ConvertTo-CSV.


            Create an extended object:

            cmd /c PowerShell -inputformat NONE -command "Get-WindowsFeature | ConvertTo-CSV -NoTypeInformation"


            Grammar file: csv.gm


            I haven't experimented with compliance yet, but I am sure it will be easy to create a compliance rule based on the value of the "Installed" property, and then remediate with a package that contains the external command "Add-WindowsFeature -Name FeatureName"