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    I'm trying to figure out how two BSA objects are linked with the .xml during the update process.

    Luis Fernandez

      Because I'm currently doing some tests on importExport/update commands, althought it works properly it still updates after I delete the mappings.xml file stored @ the FileServer.


      this is what is happening:


      I got the export -> import process working properly, and the mappings.xml file stored at the FileServer.


      I got the update process working properly afterwards.


      Then, I delete the .xml file linking both objects and it still keeps updating! How is that possible?


      Also I gave a thought about the update commands, since it makes no reference to the path where the .xml file is located...


      blcli Template updateByName "TemplateX" "TemplateX" $GroupLocation $GroupLocation2


      I dont know if I get those updates because I'm testing this process within the same environment...


      Thank you so much for your attention guys