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    No login information was specified or the specified login information is invalid.

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      Hi Guys,

      We are on Remedy/ITSM 7.6.04, Patch 2.

      When I try to create an Incident using the below template, I am getting an error message "No login information was specified or the specified login information is invalid.". The template works fine, if I use User ID and Password instead of the Key.

      char-set: UTF-8

      Schema: HPD:IncidentInterface_Create

      Server: au-aps033

      Key: OCIO2Remedy

      Action: Submit

      Format: Short



      Contact Company!1000000082!:ABC

      First Name!1000000019!: OCIO Helpdesk

      Last Name!1000000018!: Web User

      Login_ID!301921200!: OCIOHelpdesk

      Status!7!: Assigned

      Phone Number!1000000056!: 0401715477

      Service Type!1000000099!: User Service Restoration

      Description!1000000000!:[$$ This is a test #2$$]

      Detailed_Decription!1000000151!:[$$ free text - Notes $$]



      Reported Source!1000000215!:Other

      Assigned Support Company!1000000251!: ABC

      Assigned Support Organization!1000000014!: OCIO

      Assigned Group!1000000217!: National Helpdesk

      Categorization Tier 1!1000000063!:Fault

      Product Categorization Tier 1!200000003!:Hardware


      Am I missing something here? Any ideas? I have attached the screenshots the configuration in the below document.