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    Track-It Change Management


      In the new version 11.4 release notes it states that Change Management can now be Approved, Rejected or Request more information by replying by email.  But it doesn't say how or specifically what the response needs to be to have this happen.  I have been testing with no luck, anyone know how this works?


      Thanks, Chris

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          Chris McLane

          Hi Chris,


          When the approver receives the Request for Change e-mail notification, there are now three links included at the bottom of the e-mail: approve, reject, and request information. All the user has to do is click one of those links and that will generate a new e-mail with special code in the subject. Once that e-mail is sent back to the Track-It! inbox, E-mail Monitor picks it up, validates that the sender's e-mail address is in fact an approver of the Change Request, and then does the approval or rejection as expected.

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            Thanks that answers the question was a bit confusing as they still have this at the top:


            ***** Reply to this e-mail to request more information about [[RFC#1039]] *****

            So that makes the user think they can just reply, which all that seems to do is trigger more information request.

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              Jason Brousseau

              Hi Chris.  It is indeed confusing to have this line which cannot be edited in the template notification.


              ***** Reply to this e-mail to request more information about [[RFC#1039]] *****


              Is there a way I can modify this line in any of the .xml file in the system?

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                Cris Coffey

                That line divides the original email from what is typed by the user and unfortunately it cannot be changed because the system relies on it.

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