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    BSA Application Server on Red Hat not using more than one CPU?

    Yanick Girouard

      I've noticed that no matter how many CPUs we had on our application server, that BSA's java process wouldn't use more than 1 of them. Is this a bad configuration or something we missed, or is it a limitation of the product? If so, why can't it support multiple processors?


      For example, on a 2 vCPU virtual machine hosting one application server, while a Red Hat Patch Catalog Update Job was running, only 1 vCPU seemed to be used even though it was using 99-100% of it. The CUJ in question took 3 hours to process the errata metadata for a single OsArch, which is extremely long.


      02-02-15 1-32-51 PM.png

      02-04-15 10-01-19 AM.png

      Is there something we can change to allow BSA to use both vCPUs when needed? The server above is just a test server, but in production we could have more CPUs if that would actually improve the performance of the app server.