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    Group Structure and Admin

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      All  - to help facilitate the this group long term we need to understand how we want to structure the group.  I would a few questions that jump to mind are below.  Can others comment or add their feedback?

      It feels that this team could be the start of a board of advisors for the council.  It feels like that would be the main governing board for this type of group.  I would think we would want to appoint either a single or two "chair people" who could act as the operational leader for the advisory boards and could serve in some manor as the face of the group.  With this, my key questions are:

           1) Does this structure make sense?

           2) If so how big should the board of advisors be?  10-12 people feels realistic to me but curious on others thoughts?  Also if we need to extend this team do people have others they would nominate?

           3) Do a chair or co-chairs, any thoughts on one person vs two?  Also do people have anyone they would recommend (on this team or others) or do we have any volunteers?