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    Webservices query

      All -


      Can we update a monitor's project attributes through web-services?

      And if we do so, will the project attributes at Central --> Monitor -> configuration reflect the changed attribute?




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          Dan Egner

          I could not find a way to do that.


          The TM ART Central Advanced Concepts Business Level Objects manual is here:




          I looked through it for several minutes but I did not find a way to do that.



          Dan Egner

          BMC Software

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            These three are what I had some hopes on


            MonitorSetting[] getMonitorSettings(long sessionId,

            int monitorId)

            Get the settings of the monitor (such as browser

            type, name, etc.)


            MonitorSettingSpec getMonitorSettingSpec(long sessionId,

            int monitorId, String settingName)

            Retrieves detailed information about a monitor

            setting (name, description, data type, etc.)


            void updateMonitorSettings(long sessionId,

            int monitorId, MonitorSetting[] monitorSettings)

            Updates settings of the monitor (such as browser

            type, name, etc).


            If setting name and value can retrieve those details, I was thinking of leveraging updateMonitorSettings to update those attributes but I believe setting cannot be further bifurcated to specifically say "Password" or "URL"

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              Hal DeVore



              I am curious about your purpose here.  Are you trying to create new Project Attributes or only provide new values.


              Project Attribute values are packaged up with the Monitor instance when it is sent to the Execution Server.  Your most likely method of attacking this would be to update a monitor instance create a new monitor instance, I believe.  However, I haven't touched the Web Services in a long, long time.



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                Hi Hal -


                My intention is to see if we change attributes of a monitor by running a powershell script using webservices.