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    Question: In Bladelogic how to copy file/folder from server to server

      I want to copy a file from one server to other) using Bladelogic
      Dont want to use any scp or ftp commands.

      Is there a way in bladelogic to do this without any authentication thing to do0


      Also I was planing to create a Depot file from Source server and using the same to deploy on Target

      But the problem is file to be copied is created in some Job so I dont know how to create depot file on fly


      So can any one please help me to find some way on same


      I am planing for below steps please let me know if its possible and if yes then how:


      step1:  Create a BLpackage which will create a depot file from Target sever(source file sever) (not sure if its posssible using NSH script)

      step2:  Create other BLpackage which will search for this depot file and save in on target sever(i.e. other sever)