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    BMC Mobility ITSM Incidents

    Dominic Megens
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      Hi all


      I have installed a mobility server 8.1. My current ARSystem and ITSM versions are 7.6.04 SP2 and midtier is 7.6.04 SP5. The mobility administration server and mobility data store are installed on the same server. The mobility for Remedy ITSM is deployed on a midtier server. I can connect via the approval app and all is working fine on IOS 8. I can approve and have checked its working. I cannot however connect to the same server via the BMC Mobility ITSM Incidents app version 8.1.02. I get a connection error. The BMC Mobility for Incident Management app on the app store version 7.6.07 works fine to connect to the server but is not working on IOS 8. I tested that on an older version of IOS. All android apps connect fine and can submit and update Incidents.


      Any assistance would be appreciated