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    Add Create related request on the WO

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      On WO,


      instead of create relationship


      we'd like to have Create related request....




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          To my knowledge, a "Create Related Request" where you create a related Work Order ticket is not an out-of-the-box functionality.  If I were attempting this customization, I would probably start with a "Create Related Request" link or button somewhere on the WOI:WorkOrder form.  When pressed, I'd use Active Link(s) to start a new WO ticket, but also pass along the first ticket's information to the new ticket if it's possible (maybe some new fields on WOI:WorkOrder to hold onto this information until submitted--you would need to pass along information such as the previous ticket's Work Order ID, Summary, and Status).  On save, a separate custom filter would check to see if the an old ticket's information is present in these container fields, and if so, push them to WOI:Associations form and create a relationship on save of the new ticket (take a look at WOI:WAS:Associate_105_SubmitWorkOrderAssoc AL for an idea of what's needed).


          Good luck!