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    How can Component Templates be updated avoiding any changes on compliance rules?

    Luis Fernandez

      Hello everybody!
      I'm a new user around here, I've been using BMC Bladelogic for 3 months and I'm currently working on a big proyect which includes Component Templates importing and updating processes.


      I will try to explain it as best as possible.


      It's quite easy, first of all, I have 2 different BladeLogic environments (Exporting Environment (source) and Importing Environment from now on) and I export any object between these environments using a FileServer as bridge with no problems. So far so good.


      So I have these two environments with the same component template already stored on them but I could change some compliance rules in the Template stored in the Importing Environment so they are no longer the same.


      Then I could make some changes on the original/source Template and probably update the Imported Template in order to include those changes.


      Is there any option that allows user to update component templates without affecting the Compliance rules already set on it?


      I tried updateByName, but as I've readed before, updating a component template affects to several of its own "objects" as compliance rules , local properties , template parts, discovery signatures... So I can't keep those changes I made on the compliance rules...


      Thank you so much for your attention guys, and sorry for my bad English