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    Hide "Save as Draft" in SRM 8.1

    Charles Roth
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      Hide "Save as Draft" in SRM 8.1


      We want to hide the Save as Draft so users cannot submit draft service request. We have seen instructions for 7.6 in which you modify a file buttons.st, we could not find a file "buttons.st" in the jar file SRMSServiceRequestBrowser. Version 8.1 must use a different method to display the Save as Draft link - how would you do this in 8.1?

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          Hey Charles,

          This can be achieved with an Active Link.  I just tested it in our Dev region in 8.1.01.  Directions below:


          In DevStudio, create an active link

          1. Associated Form = SRS:SREC_ProvideInformation
          2. Permissions = whatever is specific to your needs. If you want it hidden for everyone, choose Public.
          3. Execution Options
            1. Execution Order = 999
            2. Window Open checked
          4. Change Field actions
            1. Field Name = z3Btn_SaveQuestionAsDraft
            2. Field Visibility = Hidden





          *EDIT:  Alternately, you could probably hide the z3Btn_SaveQuestionAsDraft field on the SRS:SREC_ProvideInformation form itself, under the field properties, choose display, visible = false.