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    Issue in incoming Email message delivery

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      Hi Experts,


      We are facing issue in incoming email delivery when emails are sent to remedy from external mailboxes. There is a pre configured mailbox to which emails will be sent. Few of the emails are reaching remedy and few are not coming to AR System email messages form. When we logged in and checked in Exchange server mail box all emails will get delivered on time. But only few emails are getting pushed to AR System email messages form.

      We have checked the SMTP connection by telnet. No issues with connectivity.

      There is no error logged in AR System Email Error messages and AR System Email Error logs form.

      Also there is no error in emaild.sh_log also.

      This is a server group environment with six servers in the server group. Same mailbox is configured in all the servers in the environment and incoming mailbox is enabled in all servers. Email engine is up only in primary/Administrator server. 

      In non primary servers I can see Email service suspended and but I see one message saying thread is alive.