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    Has anyone done RHEL7 security patching on 8.6 yet?

    Steven Wyns



      I was wondering if anyone has used the RHEL 7 patching proces in 8.6 yet. I was testing it yesterday and noticed that no filters can be set anymore. You just include the whole RHEL7 channel. On RHEL6 we filtered only the Security advisories but on RHEL 7 that seems to be impossible.


      A quick issue to BMC support seems to confirm that since RHEL 7 they are unable to query the advisory information from the RHEL network. For us that's an issue since we only want to deploy security fixes to the RHEL machines this way, all other updates are deployed in more controlled (slower) release flows.


      Did anyone have the same issue and maybe also a workaround or useful info? We were thinking about setting up out own RHEL repo, but the we would lose the Bladelogic patching mechanism and do the update via Yum.


      Kind regards