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    Random Track-It Survey

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      So every once in a while that Track-It product survey appears. I don't know if BMC really cares about it seeing how question 4 is horribly out of date. But just an FYI in case this is going to be fixed.



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          Thanks for letting us know.  You can see how often this is actually looked at, huh? 



          You can turn that off, if you'd like.  On the Track-It! server, go to your version of


          C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Services\ConfigurationData



          Open the TrackIt.Business.Administration.xml with a text editor, and search for inProductSurvey.

          Most likely, you'll see something like this:


          <inProductSurvey url="http://www.numarasoftware.com/survey/feedback.asp?" logins="35"> </inProductSurvey>


          This means that every 35 logins, any tech who's a member of the [admin] security policy will see the pop-up inviting them to take the survey.  (Each tech will only ever see this once, and only if they are [admin].)


          Change the 35 to 0, and save the file.  Now no one should see that invitation any longer.




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            Cris Coffey

            Thanks Travis, we will get that question updated.