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    conflict between blappserv and blpxe

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      I am testing BladeLogic 8.6 in my lab (just happens that I have time on my hands for a little while).  The installation went well but I seem to have a port conflict between blappserv & blpxe.  I can start either with no problems but not both.  Whichever starts last fails with port already in use.  I've changed several ports registryport, minport etc.. with no luck for either _pxe, default, & _Template.  I have followed and read all that I could find in the communities and everything I tested seems fine.  running a netstat several different ways and identifying what is using the ports still reveal no problems.


      My environment consists of 1 DB server, 2 application servers each with a single instance.  The first application server also has tftp & pxe. This is where the problem exists.  I do not have multiple instances running using the same ports.  If I stop the services manually the ports all become free & available.  When I start the blappserv I see the ports active and java binds to it. when I stop it everything frees up nicely.

      However, if I start blappserv and blpxe, blpxe fails with port already in use ??? (whatever port is defined).  If I start them in reverse than blappserv fails the same way.


      Attached are the blasadmin extracts for _pxe & default and blasadmin -a list along with netstat output.  I've double checked these ports against a BL 8.3sp3 environment and it seems similar as this but everything starts and works.


      so far I changed the MinPort:9851 for _pxe, I've changed the RegisteryPort:9839 and several with no resolution.


      Any help is appreciated.