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    Compliance for loop for extended object parts possible?

    S Crawford



      We're trying to create an AIX Compliance Job using a component template with a local extended object.  The extended object calls an NSH script that returns all the disks on the server along four property values of each disk.  Each component will have a different number of parts, depending on how many disks exist.  See this screenshot for an example where there are 3 disks (there could be more or less in each server's component:



      There is a compliance rule setup for each property value to see if the value is correct or not:



      There is a 'for' loop setup in each rule to check each disk's property value:



      The ISSUE is that when this compliance job is run, the results all come back as 'successful' (green check in the job log) when some of the servers have disks that SHOULD be coming up as failures.  So I'm convinced the for loop in the compliance rules is not setup right.  Can someone tell by looking at it what needs to change?


      I could setup the script to check all the disk settings internally and just return a GOOD or BAD value, but it would be great to have each disk checked in the compliance job so we can see the results of each disk in the job results, rather than just a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' indication for ALL the disks in general.


      Thanks in advance!