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    Need 'on behalf of...' function when Mapping Email Content to Incident Fields

    Randall Thomson
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      Our Service Desk needs to forwards numerous email to create incidents tickets via email and would like to be able to be able to replicate the 'on behalf'  function of self service when doing so.


      We are successfully able to create Incidents via email and I have mappings working to be able to specify the category, urgency, impact, owner to the incident fields.  We also get the incident created with the Client Name being derived from the senders email address.  However, I can't map the available Client ID or Client Name fields with similar syntax CLIENT##John Doe## . I tried mapping this code to both Client ID and Client Name with both the users name and the Client ID (John Doe and jdoe@mycompany.com) but it doesn't work and the tickets client always end up being the email senders.


      Is this possible?