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    blcli to Export depot SmartGroup?

    Dale Reagan

      I am using BSA 8.3 - Using the GUI we have a SmartGroup where I can 'see' all of the 'NSH Scripts' in the BL DB. i.e.


           [/Bladelogic/Depot/Workspace/All Depot Objects by Type/NSH Script]


      Using BLCLI - I don't see a direct means to:


      • list all members of the Depot SmartGroup OR to
      • export any member of the SmartGroup


      This works great for a 'normal group':


           blcli DepotObject listAllByGroup /Some_Group


      I do not want to manually 'click through' exporting NNN NSH scripts - I will guess that there might be a multi-step sequence for this - anyone have it already?

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