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    Local Configuration Object

      I've seen this question asked before, but I've never really seen an answer.


      I have multiple servers that have config files that vary in name/location. 

      For example:





      I create local properties for server-1 and cust1, I can create a Local Configuration Object /D/tcserver/??server-1??/config/??cust1??, but how do I use this in my compliance rules?


      I can add the Local Config File as a part, however there are no sections under it.  I can build a compliance rule to check if it exists, but if I try to select it with "Value1 as String (All OS)" nothing can be found.


      I am able to use variables inside my compliance rules for values inside the configuration files I'm checking without issue.  I have components that are tied to property dictionary instances which contain specific server/customer values.  When I execute my compliance job against the component, I'm able to check these values.  However when a variable is required in a file name or path to said file, it appears be impossible to check.


      At this point, my only alternative seems to be building a configuration object for each scenario.  This would be a last resort as it would require 100+ configuration objects.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.