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    Licensing Issue

      Hi All,


      We are having Bladelogic server automation 8.1.4 installed on our Linux app servers. We have licenses for Bladelogic server automation agents. But we are not able to get info about Application automation license, can anyone please help me what is Application automation license as we are not using Bladelogic ARM suite. Can any one please tell what is Application automation suite licenses as it is huge in count for us around 700+.


      WE are only installation RSCD agent on our target servers but not able to get where this Application automation agent is coming ? is it come default while buying Server automation licenses ?


      We need to add few more windows servers to our environment so want to identify whether these application automation licenses can be converted to Server automation licenses ?


      What is the difference between Server Automation Licenses and Application Automation licenses ?


      Let me know if any more details required.

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          Bill Robinson

          Where are you seeing that you have or are consuming  ‘Application Automation’ licenses?

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            Thanks for update Bill. We had contacted BMC account Manager team and they provided us that we have license for Server automation and Application Automation with the expiration date of 2016 and count. But as mentioned we are not using BMC ARM suite in our environment.


            When we en roll server to BL environment we only install Server Automation (RSCD agent), we do not install application automation.


            Can you please help to understand the diff between Server automation Licenses and Application automation licenses. Also can we get our Application automation license converted toe Server Automation License.


            I want to get this info as we need to add few windows server to our environment so before we add we want to get clarified on Existing licenses and required licenses ? Thanks in advance.

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              Bill Robinson

              You need to talk to your bmc sales rep about these questions.

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                Rajeev Gupta

                You can run the BLCLI to get how many license you still have. Or, you can install the Dashboard to get the similar view.


                blcli Utility agentLicenseUsageReportByRelativeDateRange