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    Browser related message.

    Prashanth H L
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      Hi ,


      Can anybody help me how to avoid the below message obtained from the browser.


      “Your changes have not been saved or sent. Do you really want to close the window? Are you sure you want to leave the page? “



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          LJ LongWing


          This message is happening because since you opened the screen, something change in one of the fields, and Remedy is simply warning you that changes haven't been saved.


          There are a few things you can do....


          1 - Find the fields being changed, and set the 'Disable change flag' attribute to True

          2 - Have an Active Link do a run-process of 'Disable-Change-Flag' (lookup the specifics of the command) after the field is being set, but before you are trying to leave the record

          3 - Save the record before trying to close the screen.