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    How to pass script return code back to Bladelogic job?

      I am using the console to run a Bladelogic job which executes a script on a UNIX server. This is done by specifying "./<path_to_script>/test_script.sh" in the NSH script within Depot. The test_script.sh itself returns either exit code 0 if it is successful or exit code 1 in case of failures.

      When I execute the Bladelogic job, it shows a successful return code since it is able to find the script and run it - irrespective of the exit code status of the script being called. Is it possible to return the script's exit code back to Bladelogic and have the BL job also show exit code 1 correspondingly.

      The job only takes a few seconds to run, but the script runs for about 2-3 minutes. Is this a factor at all in being able to do the above?