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    property instance Apply Acl Policy

      I am trying to update ACL policy using blcli.


      i can apply acl policy for the property class as below and it works fine.


      blcli_execute PropertyClass applyAclPolicy Class://SystemObject/IST/TRADING_FUNCTIONS/ACCSYS/ "DEV_PKG"


      Not finding way to apply ACL policy for the property instance.


      tried the below from earlier post and it didn't help me.


      blcli_execute PropertySetInstance findVisiblePropertySetInstanceByFullyQualifiedName "Class://SystemObject/IST/TRADING_FUNCTIONS/ACCSYS/DV01"

        blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject objsrc

        blcli_execute BlAclPolicy findByName "DEV_PKG"

        blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject policy

        blcli_execute BlAclPolicy applyAclPolicy_api NAMED_OBJECT=policy NAMED_OBJECT=objsrc

        blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject obj

        blcli_execute PropertySetInstance update NAMED_OBJECT=obj

        blcli_execute PropertySetInstance getDBKey


      Note:ACCSYS is the property class

      DV01 is the property instance.


      Also PropertyInstance , dosent have an option apply policy.