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    Rule Based Email - Validate Vendors?

    Lisa Singh
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      With RBE, since validation is done on email address, how can I validate Vendors' responses so those responses will update tickets?


      There doesn't seem to be an option to remove "validate sender" - it's greyed out, and removing the value from the xml doesn't work, it just ends up back again.


      I can make the from qualification from a specific domain but as we don't which of the vendor support staff is going to email, but it won't validated.


      Is there anyway to disable verification just one specific rule?

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          Lisa Singh

          You don't need to do this anymore, now that there is a "Trusted Email Address" option in Remedy.


          Okay I did find a way to get rid of the sender validation despite it being greyed out, from the Rule Configuration --- there's probably an easier why but I can't find it...from what I can see, RBE ignores the AR+System+Email+Mailbox+Configuration security settings...


          1. use the form/qualification -  RBE:Configuration/Default+Administrator+View/?qual='7'="Active
          2. make toggle "to Inactive" - refresh the result list to save (it will appear to be active still, but it isn't)
          3. Use - RBE%3AAction/Default+Administrator+View/?qual='7'="InActive"
          4. Edit the Action Parameter to remove the "Validate Sender" in between <auth></auth>
          5. Go to the RBE:Configuration fprm and use RBE:Configuration/Default+Administrator+View/?qual='7'="Inactive" to find the rule.
          6. Toggle it to active, refresh the result list so it prompts you to save
          7. Go to the RBE:Console and find that Use Case / Rule Configuration
          8. Click the gear icon to display the developer field and check the Action Params - the <auth></auth> should be blank.


          You can send from from people that don't have people records now, if you must.

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