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    Windows Patch Payload Not Downloading From Microsoft

    Rob Slattery

      I have opened a ticket with BMC but thought I'd reach out to the community for additional ideas.


      Issue:  While running an analysis and remediation job, the analysis job runs successfully, but hangs on the remediation job.  The job does not stop running but patch payload does not download.  We started a job this morning and it is still running (Tasks in Progress show Running but nothing in Completed column).


      If we right-click on a patch smart group or an individual bulletin, and use the download option, one of the following results occur:  Job finishes successful with either patch already exists, or just start/stop/successful results or, the download job just hangs as in running the analysis and remediation job.


      What We Checked:

      -  We have checked the Patch Global Configuration settings and the options we've chosen for "All Operating Systems", "Windows", and "Shavlik URL Configuration" settings all seem to be fine.

      -  We've tested proxy server settings and that checks out.

      -  We've clicked on the link to several patches that you can find in the extended properties tab of a bulletin and that works fine.

      -  It seems we have the correct .cab files because the CUj runs fine.

      -  We were able to communicate with proxy server.

      -  I had the job running in debug mode and the only information that displays is the analysis results: I don't see any errors at all.

      -  We've updated the catalog multiple times.

      -  We've recreated the same exact jobs, multiple times.

      We're running


      Is there anything else I should look for?