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    How can we push CRQ to Sharepoint?

    Rakesh Jajper
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      Hello All,


      We came across one requirement where we need to push Change requests to SharePoint calendar.

      Can anyone throw some lights how this can be achieved? I have only clue that this can be done by Web Service.


      But not have much idea. Please share what you know about this integration.


      We are using ARS & ITSM  7.6.04

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          Hi Rakesh,


          I am not sure how much help is this but there is a third party company who does this and they have some solutions too.

          May be web services can also be used for this intgeration.


          Here is a screenhsot for above mentioned stuffs. You can explore more . I just attened one of the demo of Point path for Integration between remedy and Share Point.




          I know this is just a starting point, but i never explored miuch on this as it was not required.,




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            Tim McCue

            Hi Rakesh,


            Saw your question. if you are looking at a cost effective point solution please take a look at our ShareRemedy product. It's a flexible product allowing a customer to surface and manipulate any Remedy data within their SharePoint environment, rapidly and with complete flexibility in terms of interface design and function.


            Our packaged solutions focus on delivering pre-defined common integrations between SharePoint and the core ITSM modules. One use case being display of CRQs in calendar within SharePoint with additional filtering / searching etc.




            Let me know if you would like further information or a Demo.