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    Virtual Agent Doesn't Respond

    Brian Stone
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      Paola Beltran asked about this but I cannot reply to her post - it's not open for whatever reason.  If you install 8.1.02 you will encounter the error she described.  There are two hotfixes after an 8.1.02 install of Virtual Agent.  One is an updated .war file to replace the war in the first hotfix, and the first hotfix also contains replacement javaplugin files for the ARServer and a .def file.

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          Brian Stone

          Terribly sorry for providing the wrong information.  The H/Fs were actually for the 8.1. version.  The Hot fix package name is VA_81_01_2014May12_CU_ALL.  There is also an updated eschat.war for this which was received after this package.  Again, terribly sorry for putting out as an 8.1.02 fix.



          Product Component:  Virtual Agent

          Build Base Version:  8.1


          Build Date: 05/12/2014


          Fix Type: Hotfix binary


          Hotfix Version Stamp: 8 SP1 Patch 1 HF1


          Files Patched:

          • ESChatNotificationServerPlugin.jar
          • ESChatToolsPlugin.jar
          • ESTranslatePlugin.jar
          • SupportBotPlugin.jar
          • cns.war
          • eschat.war
          • programd.war
          • ESDVFBase.jar

          Affected Platform: VA


          List of Defects Fixed

          Defect ID



          SAC and SSP hangs in failover scenario due to large amount of connection errors


          LB open ports are masking socket origin


          Reports are blank on Chat Queue


          Max Open Self Service Questions not limiting chats to set value


          SSP User gets "rejoined the session message" when App is in Agent Only mode

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            Hi Brian,


            This is Paola once again .... I lost the Fix, and I cant find the Fix. Do you have a link for download it?


            Thanks for your kind help.