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    RHEL Downloader Tool and Errata's

    Rob Slattery

      Hello, it's Rob again.  We were able to use the downloader tool to generate a "BMC" specific .xml file and we were able to create a catalog (but only contain rpm's) and performed an update.


      Is it possible to use the downloader tool to build an offline catalog that contains rpms and errata's or do we have to build two seperate catalogs, one for rpm's and one for errata's?


      Here's why I ask:


      Our Linux Engineering team performs a reposync to RHN to collect all rpm's and store them in multiple directories.


      I also found out that our Linux Engineering team also performs another process for downloading errata's (I'm waiting to hear back to see how they actually pull down errata's).  Like the rpms, our Linux Engineering team stores the files in multiple directories.