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    RHEL Downloader Tool Re: Permissions

    Rob Slattery

      After running the downloader tool, and watching the tool copy the data to our new repolocation, what would the minimum permissions be needed on the .xml file the downloader tool created, in order for BladeLogic to run a Catalog Update and create errata's?


      I received the below error message after running the catalog update.


      Error while updating feed: Error occurred while marshalling the RedHatRepo object. (Caused By: Could not open the file //blfs/bladelogic/content_framework/patch_management/linux/./RHES6x86_64.xml: Permission denied)


      Another question, the version of the createrepo.  The downloader tool would not work at all if the version was incorrect.  Is that a correct statement since this is the only error we received?