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    run Job from nsh and get job result

      Hi all,

      I am heading a problem to getting job status which I am executing by NSH script/job. All what I want is just only resolve executed job result in format "Completed Sucesfully" or "Error".... or exit code is enough.


      Yes, I am able to use JobRun getJobRunHadErrors "${JOB_RUN_ID}" or JobResult - findJobResultKey.


      But in first case, this only tells if job has been started without errors, not about his result itself.

      In second case, I dont know what to do with this Result key... It is in DBKey format returned value...


      And what is the best practice to checking job status? Should I create loop for that or batch job or any other method? I need to handle this results for future steps in job.


      Also It should not be depend on kind of job (NSHScriptJob, BatchJob, DeployJob, etc.. )


      Why I must execute atleast 4 blcli cmds to get only executed job status/result or even creating additional code?


      Thanks for reply