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    High memory usage after the compliance job is completed

    Laszlo Halmi



      I have scheduled CIS compliance packages for ReadHat, HP-UX and Solaris. I run each of them in different time. The RedHat CIS compliance package is the first. the total rule number is more than 40.000. I had 12GB physical memory in the BSA server, but I increased it to 16GB. After when the RedHat CIS pcompliance job finished, the memory usage was standing on a fix high position until when I restart the application service on BSA server. The normal memory usage is 55-58% after the restarted application service.




      I need a solution to fix this problem. I do not want to restart the service always. Does anyone has any ideas?

      BSA version:

      Config_deployment MaxHeapsize: 4096

      job_deployment MaxHeapSize: 6144