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    Shavlik Files

    Rob Slattery

      How often should the Shavlik files be replaced on the BladeLogic App Server?  Is there a BMC "best practice" for updating/maintaining the xml files?


      Windows Patch Catalog and Shavlik metadata are up-to-date

      If you are looking for the latest patches, validate that the Catalog was updated after the metadata XML was released by Shavlik. Validate that you have the latest Shavlik metadata files...


      wget --no-cache xml.shavlik.com/data/hfnetchk6b.xml (or .cab)

      wget --no-cache xml.shavlik.com/data/pd5.xml (or .cab)

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          Bill Robinson

          The CUJ updates the files.  for an offline catalog you need to do that manually though.

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            Rob Slattery

            What about the .xml file that is located in the field named Windows Filter Configuration File within the Patch Global Configuration tab, how often does that get updated?


            When we perform a Windows CUj, we receive several mapping errors like the one below, but after searching, I found this article: Windows Patching- product_categories.xml, is this something we should follow every once in a while?


            No mappings were found for the selected product...and then in [ ] the Microsoft patch.

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              Jim Wilson

              Engineering update the published product_categories.xml file on an ad-hoc basis.  The same mappings per this published XML should be in any newer product distribution.


              If you get "No mappings" messages, try the latest file from the community page.  If you still get "no mappings", probably best is to log a ticket to get it reviewed and maybe a further update to the product categories may be needed.

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