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    BSA 8.6 for dummies

      I just launched the installation process (bundle) for BSA 8.6 for the first time and I have only few remarks concerning the installation & configration.


      1. Why is the final version of BSA ( less than the beta version ( ?


      2. The first sceen when launching the installation program, should contain more information concerning the database shema will be created by the installation process. I think a lot BSA administrators are still use to the database creatioin shema created before launching the installation.


      3.  Nowhere in the installation process I was told (notfied) that the following software components will we installed by default.during the default App Server node installation. I know that this is default,installation mode in which it was built (like it or not) but it would be nice to add more flexibility by asking the user in the first screens what software components he would like to install.

      - PXE component

      - Compliance Content

      - Some examples system packages, BL Paclages, deployment packages

      - RSCD Agents

      Note:It would nice to see eventually the Bladelogic Portal component be part of the installation options as well.


      4.  Nowhere in the installation process I was told (notfied) I can change the default location for the following components.

      Just like in the previous point, I think it would be nice to add more flexibility by asking the user where he would like the installation to be installed .

      - RSCD agent component (by default in the same folder as the AS)

      - PXE server component

      - Compliance component (where the objetcs will be created on the console)

      For example, a PXE server will unlikely be installed on the same server as the application server, therefore the installation folder is tied down to the application server installation folder.

      Also, when defining tftp and pxestore folders it is unlikely these folders will be configured to be on the same folder or FS as the PXE executables.

      And, I would find very cool if finally the installation process for the compliance contents would ask me where I would like to install the objects  such as in the Component Templates, Depot, and Jobs. I really hate the fact after just doing a clean installation of the product, I already have thousand of objets on the console in which I have no control of. This makes the console so crowded and non-standard and I haven't used the product yet.


      Besides thee dislikes, I really like the folowing in the new installation setup:


      1. To be able to select a remote file server (and change its folder location) other than the default local location on the app server.


      2. To be able to change the default folder for the application server.


      3. To be able to set all the passwords on one screen.


      4. The fact the installation process creates the database schema for you.


      5. The fact the installation process creates the packages for the RSCD agents (Agent installers) in the depot.