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    How to import/upload Business Entities & Time Segments

    Jamie Boley
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      I'm looking to utilize the Business Entities and Time Segments within SLM.  My design will be inheriting some data from the Incident itself and matching that data with Business Entities so that I can use the related Time Segments for measurement.  Has anyone successfully imported Business Entities and/or Time Segments?  I'm starting to manually investigate the required fields for these forms, but I thought I would also check on the community to see if anyone else has done this.  I already looked at the UDM and have found this not integrated into it yet.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Hi Jamie,


          You can export all the records from the following forms in arx format from the source server;

          -Business Segment-Entity Association.

          -Business Segment-Entity Association_Join.

          -Business Time Holidays.

          -Business Time Segment.

          -Business Time Shared Entity.

          -Business Time Shared Entity-Entity Association_Join_Join.

          -Business Time Workdays.


          Import these arx files into destination server through Remedy import tool.




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            Jamie Boley

            Thanks Arshad, that definitely helps!  However I'm looking at how I can create these records to begin with from an import.  I do not have any records at this time, and was looking to load records through a spreadsheet format. 


            So far, I'm looking a the form Business Time Segment and found that the Entity Type ID is a required field, but is not set with a GUID on new request.  Rather it is being generated by AL SLM:BusinessEntityDlg:On Open:SetEntityTypeID.  Therefore, I'm not quite sure how I could create a GUID through the import tool.


            Quick background of what I'm doing is I'm capturing the data in the CI field of an incident ticket and will match that with the business entity for measurement. The thing is, I have over 600 CIs i would need to measure, so I need to create 600 business entities so they match.  I'd rather not create 600 business segments if you know what I mean

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              Jamie Boley

              For those that would like to see the ability to upload business time segments and entities, please vote on my idea:



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                Ravian Nugraha

                For Business Time Segment, what you can do is:

                1. Save as Business Time Segment form as new form say (INK:Load_BusinessTimeSegment)

                2. Create a simple filter to push data from INK:Load_BusinessTimeSegment to form Business Time Segment match by id. (trigger when submit, modify and merge)

                3. Prepare an excel file with the data that you are putting on through UI

                4. Create a simple pentaho job to push up the excel file to INK:Load_BusinessTimeSegment.


                Since there's no active link that is setting up most a hidden field though out submission, the business time segment creation should be just fine.

                I test it on one of my client environment, and up until today I did not see any issue.



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