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    How to: Run Component Template Compliance Jobs against Servers that have specific Properties

    James Donohue

      Hi All,


      I have 1 Component Template that will be used by multiple Team members. Eventually we’re going to have many different Server Smart Groups but they have not been created yet. I’m trying to figure out a way to run Discovery and Compliance against Server that have specific Server Properties set.


      Monday – (Run the Component Template Compliance Job against Servers that have the following Properties(these Properties are already

      • Environment = DEV
      • Business Unit = Finance
      • Server_Type = IIS


      • Environment = PROD
      • Business Unit = Marketing
      • Server_Type = SQL_Server


      •   So on and so on . . . .


      There is no Properties or Signature in JOBS (only Component Templates). Is there a way that I can run 1 Component Template jobs in this way without having to create Smart Groups to run against and leverage Servers that have specific Property values?