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    Unified Agent Install Fails

    David Archbold

      Hello all, our users are reporting that the unified agent install jobs are failing on Windows targets (note that the targets do not currently have agents installed on them, these are fresh builds).   When we run the install though (under the BLAdmin role) the job runs fine.  


      It would appear from the logs that the failure is occurring here:

      Warning12/11/2014 11:07:01Remote host authentication 3 of 5 'PROD' failed to validate against server 'XXXXX' due to: The host cannot be null or empty.


      I would think there is something missing in the roles our users are in that is preventing this from working, though we compared their access and they do have the authorizations I read about in other posts (Server.Read, Server.AgentInstall, AgentInstall.*).   


      What specific authorization would be missing from the users role that would prevent the unified agent from working for them, but not for BLAdmin...?