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    ISS04374796 - ftp.bmc.com - slow transfer speed - need your help to provide data

    Yanick Girouard

      Even though this is not directly related to BSA, I'm calling upon all of you to help me provide metric data to BMC regarding the download speed of its ftp site. I've opened a case a while ago because for as long as I could remember, the top speed I could ever get on ftp.bmc.com when downloading BSA binaries and hotfixes was always in the range of 300-500 Kb/sec, when my connection can handle 3.5Mb/sec.


      It can take hours at that speed to download all the binaries required to install or upgrade BSA, and for a vendor the size of BMC, I think this is not acceptable.


      All of my colleagues experience the same thing, and we're all teleworkers using different ISPs and based of different locations. My own premier support agent who is also a teleworker at times, confirmed the same thing.


      Despite that, BMC's IT claims it's due to my own bandwidth limitations and don't recognize the speed issue. They claim that internally, they can get speeds of over 1Mb/sec, but I'm trying to explain to them that it's not internally that matters, but when the connection comes from the outside of their network.


      The time at which the download is done also matters as if the ftp has a limited bandwitdh, and it's in the middle of the day (Eastern time), I expect it to be more solicited. The tests that were done were done by their India team, probably in their own time, and thus wouldn't give the same test results.


      I would like every one of you that is willing to help, to provide the following metric:


      - Speedtest results from Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test


      - Average download speed in kb/sec when downloading a large file from ftp.bmc.com. If you don't have a link to a file to download, you will need to ask for one from your support rep, as the EPD doesn't use the same servers.


      Thanks for your help


      Note: Please do not move this discussion to another space as I want it to have a good exposure and this is the only space I know that is very active. Thank you.