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    Remediation package failed w/ non-zero exit code: 9009 DNS server not authoritative for zone.


      I have created a remediation package which if failing w/ non-zero exit code 9009. when tried executing individual commands from native cmd it is executing successfully(windows).


      when put together is failing. Below is the code that blpackge contains.


      net users Administrator | find "Local Group"  > c:\groupList.txt


      awk '{$1=$2=$3=x; gsub(/\*/,x); $1=$1"\n"}1' c:\groupList.txt > c:\groupListTemp..txt


      cat c:\groupListTemp.txt | sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//' > c:\groupListTemp.txt


      for /f "usebackq" %%X in ("c:\groupListTemp.txt") do (NET LOCALGROUP %%X Administrator /delete)


      Please find attached deployment job log file.

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