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    Symlink Compliance follows link to destination

    richard mcleod

      Is there a way to have compliance rules not follow symlinks to their destination? I am trying to test that a symlink exists (the destination does not exist yet) but I receive an asset collection error because the destination does not exist. The destination will be created a later time in the boxes lifetime...


      Error12/10/2014 10:01:37com.bladelogic.om.infra.app.collector.AssetCollectionException: No error;//lserver03/xx/sys/package/opt(component=generate_symbolic_links (lserver03), selector=File:/opt/xx)


      While I am able to set the compliance job to skip on asset collection errors, I would prefer if there was a way to do have the job complete successfully.


      My compliance rule is simple...


      I've added the link File:/opt/xx as a part


      The rule check is:

      "File:/opt/xx" exists


      Any ideas aside from using an EO?


      One caveat I just thought about... only seeing this issue on a rhel7 box I'm testing against. I know its not supported but we're trying to stay ahead of the curve here!