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    Windows Missing Patch Obsolete and Superseded

    Rob Slattery

      We ran the MSPatchTool and we found that Bulletin ID 2917500 was missing.


      I searched our HotFix smartgroup and found that KB2917500 was actually a part of MS13-A14; however, this was labeled as obsolete and superseded by MS13-A08.  If I do a search on MS13-A08 within our smartgroup, it shows up and with the new KB of 2887505.If I do a search on 2917500 on our smartgroup, there are 41 patches that show up.  If I do a search on 2887505 or KB2887505, it does not show up.


      When I run an analysis within BladeLogic, I'm currently showing no missing patches but if I look at the installed patches, MS13-A14 and MS13-A08 are not listed.  What do I need to do to get this patch installed?