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    keystore sync could not verify password or keystore has been tampered with

    Patrick O'Callaghan

      In the bladelogic console under infrastructure management one of the config app servers showed an error, Server status from launcher is unavailable.

      To fix this I found Application Server Status from Launcher is unavailable and followed the steps to sync the bladelogic.keystore files


      Copy the bladelogic.keystore to the different deployment dirs..


      Blasadmin –a set app certpass PASSWORD

      Blasadmin –s _spawner set app certpass PASSWORD

      Blasadmin –s _launcher set app keystorepass PASSWORD

      Replace PASSWORD w/ your passwd.



      I copied the keystore files from app1 to the other apps under _launcher, _spawner, _template and default and ran the above blasadmin commands on all app servers using an arbitrary password.


      When I went to restart the app server service that was having the initial issue the service would not start back up due to

      java.io.IOException: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect


      I tried redoing all the above steps but the service still does not start with the same error.


      any ideas?