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    Using Complex List Parameters in BL Packages

    richard mcleod

      I'm a little confused by this error message.


      I created a BL Package, added a custom property called LLP, type=List of String, Values="/lib64/libz.so->/lib64/libz.so.1.2.3","/usr/lib64/libz.so.1->/lib64/libz.so.1"


      I add an external command to the BL Package to see what the data looks like



      echo "Showing: $local_LLPS"


      receiving this error message when I try to save the BL Package




      What's confusing is that 'Long Text' is a Simple property type.


      Does it not like the characters I'm using in the string? Any ideas


      Once I work out the script for the external command, i plan on pointing a property instance to this property inside of the BL Package, so I really don't want to use the long text option.


      Here is a previously unanswered query with the same issue: Use local prop "List of String" in a BLPackage