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    Incident is not getting created through AO with INC template

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      Hi ,


      I am trying to create incident through insert entry on HPD:IncidentInterface_Create from AO. But the incident template is not getting used while creating Incident. I am getting below error

      "<error>Error occured performing remedy action: Message[summary=Exception occured in Adapter '${1}'., detail=Remedy exception: '[Type=2][Num=48272][Text=][AppendedText=Required information is missing/invalid.  Please be sure to specify valid values for the following fields:  First Name, Last Name, Service Type, Status, Impact, Urgency, Description and Reported Source.]']</error>"


      Service Type(Incident Type), Status, Impact, Urgency, Description(Summary) and Reported Source are defined in the incident template.


      First Name, Last Name I am passing while calling the process. I am passing below XML parameters in insert entry process.

        <field name="First_Name">Ravi</field>
        <field name="Last_Name">Vakkalar</field>

        <field name="z1D_Action">CREATE</field>
         <field name="InstanceId">AGHAA5V0G7HB6AN6JDQSXXRC7S5GL9</field>


      InstanceId is the incident template instance ID. We are using Remedy 8.1 and AO 7.7

      Anything wrong with the parameter list I am using?