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    Is "Hands Off" AIX provisioning possible or is manual IP entry into the SMS necessary?

    Chad Johnson

      We have an environment where BSA will NOT be used to create the LPAR.  This is going to be done by the AIX team.  Also, they have created a profile for us to use during OS deployment.


      I'm a bit lost as I can't find definitive information on the individual steps (LPAR Creation vs. OS Installation).  All we need to do is configure the necessary components to install the OS on this LPAR.


      I'm not an AIX engineer so some of this is lost on me.  The AIX team has created a SPOT for OS installation. How do I configure bladelogic to *ONLY* install the OS and not create the LPAR?


      Also, in reading the documentation from here:  https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa83/Provisioning+process+for+AIX the doc states the following:


      2.  Reboot the target
      If your provisioning job is not set up to automatically reboot the AIX target, connect to the service console on the AIX target and boot the target to the SMS menu. From the SMS menu, configure the IPL settings to point at the NIM master. Then boot the target to the network.


      Does this mean the initial boot of the server will always require human intervention to enter the IPL information on the SMS screen?  From talking to the AIX team, this is automatic when using NIM to install servers.