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    How cancel all updates

    Mark Francome
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      This may sound like a stupid question but I couldn't find an easy solution - yesterday I checked out an existing folder and added many jobs and conditions. Half-way through the user called and changed a lot of the requirements. I realised that the new jobs were totally wrong and I simply wanted to back out my changes. But I could not see any way of either not saving or not checking-in the folder. I took the "least worst" option and saved the folder. But then it showed up as exclusively locked out to that workspace.


      In the end I used the version tool to reset back to the start of the day and everything was fine. But is there an easier way than this, i.e. can I not close the session without saving and simply free up the folder/table? Previous to version 8 this was simple.





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          Yes Mark, Even I had faced the same issue earlier and I had to reset the chnages by downloading jobs from Version tool  and it seems that there is no option to unlock the table other than deleting the workspace . I am waiting for other community member to reply on this .

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            Paul Robins

            In this situation I would delete the workspace which would release the lock and start all over again with a new checkout.

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              Mark Francome

              Hi, I got the official BMC answer -


              "To discard changes made in a workspace, highlight the folders/jobs you want to revert and click the Unload button.  This will remove them from the workspace without saving any changes that were made, and thus the latest version of the jobs will be the one that was last chacked in to the EM database.  If you did check in the jobs at some point during editing, then the version tool is the only way to revert the changes."


              (With thanks to Michiel).