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    The Problem with Execution Tasks.

    richard mcleod

      When is BMC going to start evaluating Execution Tasks as Jobs? That is what they are after all... aren't they? The way I see it Execution Tasks are Job wrappers with pre-defined targets and thus should be managed in the same light as Jobs.


      It's like they live in their own isolated section of BladeLogic on the corner of Needs-Updating Street and WTF BOULEVARD


      Oh! I can schedule an Execution Task?! Awesome!


      ... Oh! I can't view the schedule of said Execution Task in the Job Schedules view?


      ... ... OH! I see what's going on here, you're showing me the Job behind the JOB(Exec Task). Well that's not super useful... What did I call that execution task anyway?


      ... ... ... SURELY! The execution task schedules would show in the schedule view of the Job behind the job? Oh! That's weird, no schedules.

      job_schedules_view.PNG(excuse my shaky hand)


      ... ... ... ... CLEARLY! I'll be able to find the execution tasks if I look at the dependency view of the Job behind the job. Oh! That's weird, no sign of execution tasks... Just job runs huh. JOB RUNS?! Thanks for that, I didn't know where to find JOB RUNS!?!@!#(@&@#$)*(&@$H!BUIE


      This is a plea, start treating Execution Tasks as Jobs, all of this missing functionality goes away because it already exists! ... if you're a job.


      Though of-course you can't just simply move these Execution Tasks to another part of town, further construction is needed (https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/7044 cc: Jim Wilson)


      It takes a village or 80 villages: https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/8625



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          This post has to take my vote for "Most Entertaining (but Scarily Accurate) Post of 2014" in this community!


          God bless,


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            richard mcleod

            Glad I was able to sneak it in before end of year voting

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              Jim Wilson

              Can you post the link to the IDEA you have logged to improve this feature of BSA?

              Then we can all go and vote for it :-)

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                richard mcleod

                I think I've given up submitting ideas. They don't get the proper exposure. Just get buried. Also whats the success rate of Ideas being included in the product? Going to write rants from now on, gets the frustration off my chest without having to worry about upvotes .

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                  Jim Wilson

                  Aww - now you are becoming par of the problem not the solution


                  I would still recommend that you get an IDEA created and lobby for support on these communities.


                  A publicly posted, highly voted for IDEA sends a a clear message to decision makers, and you have  achance of getting the desired outcome, whereas a rant on it's own may make you feel better, but won't get anything fixed :-)


                  I have posted this whole discussion to all the Product Mangers, Engineering Directors and Support Managers involved with Server Automation.

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                    richard mcleod

                    meh. updated above.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      The problem w/ lobsters...


                      jk.  you can set nsh parameter overrides and deploy property overrides now right? yeah - i agree that we should show the runs from an ET more clearly (and have a goto link to take you to the ET)


                      what would make ideas better ? - i mean, we can't turn each one around the next day, and i'm sure there are some legal things about saying X will be in release Y that someone is concerned w/.  we have implemented on them - filter by 'delivered' and note that there are still RFEs in the old system being added they just don't show up here.

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                        richard mcleod

                        I have lots of faults, I know.


                        I'm not saying anything about next day turnaround, or even X to be delivered in Y. Completely understand that solutions need to be deployed methodically and after LOTS AND LOTS of testing/QA.


                        Thanks for the heads up on the Ideas filtering (Declined: 0, Delivered: 12, Under Consideration: 11)


                        What would make Ideas better? - Let me first start with my understanding of Ideas.

                        • Ideas are considered by BMC if a vote threshold is hit && it aligns with BMC strategy.
                        • Ideas that dictate implementation are not considered. (BMC Ideas Overview)
                          • I agree that most* of us could do a better job of explaining the Idea by exemplifying a problem or providing better evidence of why an Idea would make a great enhancement

                        To me, this means BMC picks ^highly-visible ideas(met vote threshold) from the community that help push the strategy.


                        I understand the problem is that everyone has different use cases and are at different levels of product use. Some use all facets of the product, some use just a few features. I suppose that the highly sought after Ideas are for features that are being employed by the majority of your customers and the less visible Ideas are only being employed by small pockets of people.


                        1. I think it would be beneficial for the BSA heads to hold a bi-yearly or yearly webex/communities session, describing BSA's forward strategy. This could help level set the community when it comes to Ideas and help to align people to adapt their Ideas or own strategies in parallel to the BSA strategy.


                        2. Looking at the product holistically and evaluate the list of ideas for implementations that would provide overall product enhancement. (Yes this may benefit a small % of people, but that doesn't mean its not important or not worthy of consideration, especially if it helps provide customer value by bringing focus to a lesser used feature)


                        I spend pretty much my entire Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday inside of BladeLogic, so excuse any negative sentiment, I'm really just after some enhancements and strengthening of the product. I would like to see BSA become a gold standard in automation tools, and be able to stick up for it as more and more cfg mgmt/automation tools are released to the enterprise that could possibly knock BSA off its block (aka I want to keep my job)

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                          Jim Wilson

                          Just FYI, the grapevine says standby for some announcements regarding IDEAS early in 2015

                          Hopefully the content will be what you want....

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                            richard mcleod

                            Jim - Thanks for chasing this up. Much appreciated