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    Questions regarding BMC products

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      Dear all,

      I am quite new to BMC products in general. I am writing a strategy document and I am looking into products that could help us work better and more efficient.


      My questions :


      a) What can't BMC Atrium Orchestrator not do that BMC Control-M does ? I read they complement each other and not compete to each other, can someone give me a bit of a more technical answer please ?


      b) i would like a tool, something like BMC release manager that handles versioning control, build, release cycle with human workflows integration such as escalation, approval, etc. What are the exact tools needed and so they come bundled or a suite of products, it is a bit confusing from the website ?  Again, my question would be, I guess in theory BMC atrium Orchestrator can be used to create a release management process automation. What makes ARM's features advantageous ?


      thanks in advance