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    Provisioning Win2k3 (x86 & x64), Job Not Completing and its stuck at the 14/16 Job state.

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      Hello Champs,


      We are provisioning Windows 2003-Standard (x86 and x64) in customer environment as VM Bare Metal Provisioning. So in this we are in the situation where after provisioning the Win2k3, it registers, box into domain and tries to get auto-login into the machine for Post-Install Script Run and configuration BUT AT THE AUTO-LOGIN STATE  job is not going beyond that, I mean its not performing auto-login to the box and showing the pop-up like below.


      AutoLogin Error.JPG


      So in this case, The Job Progress in BSA console is got stuck at 14/16 state. and it will remain in the same state until the auto-login not complete first, as we are running in some critical situation and need to fix it as soon as possible.


      So do we have any work around for this? Kindly give your valuable inputs here.


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      Thanks & Regards,

      Shirish Katariya.